Top health expert thinks Pakistan rapidly moving towards COVID-19 herd-immunity

By the first week of September 2020, around 65-70% of Karachi’s population would be carrying COVID-19 antibodies as the country is moving towards herd-immunity within the next two months, claimed a top Pakistani health expert, Dr Tahir Sultan Shamsi.

The doctor said that in the third week of July this year, almost 40% of the city’s population had been exposed to the virus infection and this number will expand by September.

Dr Tahir said: “Our research on three different segments of the society reveals that around 40% of Karachiites have so far been infected with the coronavirus asymptomatically and by the first week of September 2020, 65-70% of city’s population would have been infected with the virus, which is a minimum requirement for achieving herd immunity in the COVID-19 case.”


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