PML-N felicitates nation on start of ‘inept’ govt’s countdown

While extending its felicitations to the nation, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz has said that from today, the countdown of the government led by ‘Captain of Inflation’ and ‘Don of Corruption’ has started,

PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb in a statement on Monday congratulated the nation saying that it was a matter of utmost pleasure that the countdown of an inept and incompetent ruling coterie had started from today.

The countdown of ‘Captain of inflation’, ‘Don of corruption’, thieves of flour, sugar, medicines, electricity and gas; Kashmir sellers; and of those who do their vile politics on the scared name of Medina state; of those who reversed the wheel of economic growth from 5.8% to negative; of those who have made people poor and unemployed; of those who increased inflation from 3.8% to 16%; of those who pushed 20 million people of this country below the poverty line; of those who spread sentiments of hatred and anarchy; of those who earned billions after laundering money collected in the name of foreign funds; of those who tried to gag media and harassed journalists; of those who raised electricity price from Rs11/unit to Rs28/unit; of those who hiked gas price from Rs600 to Rs1400; of those who raised sugar price from Rs53/kg to Rs20; and countdown of those who made dollar to soar to Rs182 from Rs114.

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