PM Imran Khan should learn sovereignty from Nawaz Sharif, says Shahbaz

Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly and PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif Tuesday advised Prime Minister Imran Khan to learn sovereignty from PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif as he had rejected the US president’s offer in exchange for halting the nuclear tests.

He made these remarks at a public rally organised by the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) in Islamabad against the PTI government. JUI-F Maulana Fazlur Rehman also spoke at the event.

The Opposition leader berated PM Imran Khan for the economic turmoil in the country, saying the no-confidence motion is a result of his deeds for what he has done with the country since coming to power in 2018.

“Imran Khan talks about Riyast-e-Madina but allowed corruption and plundered national wealth, throwing the masses into misery,” he said.

Shahbaz went on to add that Imran Khan kept lying throughout his tenure. “Are inflation and poverty in the country due to an international conspiracy?” he questioned.

The PML-N president said PM Imran Khan should learn “sovereignty” from Nawaz Sharif as he had categorically rejected the US president’s offer in exchange for halting the nuclear experiment.

“Nawaz Sharif conducted six nuclear tests in response to India’s five and told the US president that Pakistan wanted autonomy, however, you [Imran Khan] are selfish,” he added.

‘No-trust motion will give Imran Khan restless nights’

Later speaking to the participants of the jalsaJUI-F chief Fazl called the government “illegal and incompetent”, saying, “the time to end the incumbent government has come, however, it will be wiped out in a way that no one would ever think of ruling country this way.”

Fazl also responded to PM’s statement in which he had claimed that PML-N supremo Nawaz is influencing the judiciary.

“PM Imran Khan said Nawaz is using money to buy judges, therefore I demand the court to take notice of his statement for making apex court role controversial,” he said.

PDM chief further added that the motion of no-confidence has been presented in the assembly and it would give PM Imran Khan restless nights.

Fazl also asked to put Imran Khan and his aides’ names on Exit Control List (ECL) so they don’t leave the country if the no-trust motion succeeds.

‘Time has come for the final push’

Earlier, Maryam Nawaz said the time for giving PM Imran Khan the “final push” towards his defeat has come.

Maryam said that the Opposition’s rally in Islamabad has been held to say “goodbye” to the prime minister as he had not only lost the confidence of the National Assembly but that of his party members as well.

“Today, under the leadership of Maulana Fazlur Rehman, we are here to bid you farewell,” the PML-N vice president said, adding: “The person who starts his morning with abusive words ultimately faces a humiliating end.”

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