PM Imran Khan ‘astonished’ over PDM’s reaction to election call

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday expressed “astonishment” over Pakistan Democratic Movement’s (PDM) reaction to his call for the general elections.

Taking to his Twitter handle, the premier wrote: “Astonished by the reaction of PDM to our calling for general elections.”

Recalling the claims made earlier, he said that they [the Opposition] have been crying “hoarse” about how our govt has failed [and] lost the support of the [people] so “why the fear of elections now?”

“Democrats go to the [people] for support,” he wrote, urging them to accept what has happened now.

The premier wrote: “Isn’t it better for PDM to accept elections rather than being part of a foreign conspiracy for regime change; and indulging in blatant purchasing of loyalties, thereby, destroying our nation’s moral fibre?”

Earlier, after successfully evading the Opposition’s no-confidence motion citing a foreign conspiracy and ordering the president of the country to dissolve the National Assembly, PM Imran Khan also talked to his party leaders and poked fun at the Opposition.

“The Opposition is still unable to understand what happened today,” the premier said while laughing.

PM Imran Khan continued: “Last night, you all were trying not to panic. The Opposition is clueless about the situation right now. If I had disclosed what I was about to do yesterday, they wouldn’t have been shocked.”

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