PM Imran announces August 9 as Tiger Force Day

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Tuesday that August 9 will be celebrated as the Tiger Force Day, announcing a massive plantation drive across the country to combat adverse effects of climate change.

In a broadcast message today, the prime minister said that he will personally become a part of the plantation drive.

“We will have to plant 10 billion trees until 2023,” said the premier, adding that today he is sending a special message to the Tiger Force.

Calling pollution and global warming the impetus behind the plantation drive, the premier said that the volunteer force will make a record by planting the maximum number of trees.

PM Imran said that due to pollution, the health of the general public is deteriorating and it was high time to initiate a response to the problem.

In his message, PM Imran urged Pakistanis to participate in the plantation drive on August 9, adding that officials will also participate in the initiative.

Earlier in April, Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced the launch of the youth force, saying it will lead the fight against the coronavirus in Pakistan.

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