Pervaiz Elahi blames Maryam Nawaz for PML-Q’s fall out with Opposition

ISLAMABAD: PML-Q’s Pervaiz Elahi has held Maryam Nawaz responsible for his party’s support of PM Imran Khan against the no-trust motion, saying there were differences among the PML-N over Punjab’s chief ministership.

Speaking to Hamid Mir on Geo News programme Capital Talk on Tuesday, Punjab Assembly Speaker Pervaiz Elahi said that he joined hands with Imran Khan when he learnt that Maryam Nawaz group and Shehbaz Sharif are not on the same page.

The PML-Q leader said it was because of the Maryam group’s stance that why a party with 10 members should be getting everything. Elahi said that the group is considered the voice of Nawaz Sharif, and Shehbaz, despite his stature, cannot overturn Nawaz’s veto.

Elahi said they always move cautiously in their affairs with the PML-N.

“We also learnt that PML-Q will get chief minister slot only for three or four months,” he added.

Elahi said, “Then came PTI’s Asad Umar and Pervaiz Khattak, but we told them we don’t trust them. I said let’s see when they offered coming up with the chief minister’s office offer tomorrow.”

He said Aslam Bhootani was with PML-Q, but Tariq Bashir Cheema steered him towards the Opposition.

“He [Tariq Bashir Cheema] says he stayed with the PTI because of us (Chaudhry brothers), but now he is adamant about voting against the PM.”

He said Shahbaz’s son Suleman called him, but he told him to read a newspaper report (about Maryam group stance).

Elahi said that in his meeting with the PM today (Tuesday), he has advised him to give MQM-P governorship and the maritime affairs ministry, assuring him that MQM-P is onboard.

The PML-Q leader also claimed to have reached an understanding with the Jahangir Tareen Group.

He said he has spoken to Jahangir Tareen and the issues of his group stand settled, adding meetings with his members are on.

PML-N responds

Meanwhile, PML-N Punjab President Rana Sanaullah said Pervaiz Elahi should have contacted the PML-N if he had doubts about the length of his tenure as the chief minister.

Rana said Elahi had assured them of support once they filed the no-trust resolution against Usman Buzdar. He said Elahi’s act is unbecoming and he should look for better excuses for going back on his commitment.

Tareen group on ELahi’s nomination

However, Tareen group leader Aun Chaudhry, said his group had yet to reach a conclusion.

Speaking on Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Saath, he said their minus-Buzdar demand has been met.

Confirming contact with Pervaiz Elahi, he said Tareen would be making the final decision.

He said Aleem Khan had already expressed his willingness to join Tareen group. Aleem would be included in the consultations, adding he couldn’t say if Aleem had his own line of action.

Speaking on the same group, Tareen group’s Raja Riaz said his group has difference with Imran Khan who had victimised them. It would be hard for his group to vote for Pervaiz Elahi if Imran Khan nominates him for the CM office.

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