Number game: If three of PTI’s allies join Opposition, party will lose 17 MNAs

ISLAMABAD: The Opposition is holding negotiations with three allied parties of the ruling PTI – PMLQ, BAP, and the MQMP – in order to pass a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

These three parties have 17 representatives in the National Assembly. If these parties join the opposition, the PTI ruling alliance’s strength will fall to 162 from 179, and the total number of MNAs in the unified opposition would rise to 179.

To pass the no-trust motion, the Opposition needed the backing of 172 MNAs. The NA currently has a total membership of 341 members, with one seat empty.

The ruling coalition now has 179 MNAs in favour, while the Opposition has 162 MNAs in the lower house of parliament. The Opposition required the backing of ten more MNAs to dislodge the Imran Khan government.

The PML-Q and BAP each have five votes in the assembly, while the MQM-P has seven members. If these three parties join the opposition, the ruling alliance would lose 17 MNAs.

As a result, the treasury benches’ headcount would fall from 179 to 162, the same as the Opposition’s. These 17 MPs would increase the Opposition’s strength to 179, which is the current strength of the treasury benches.

PML-Q, MQM-P, BAP, three members of Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA), one each of Jamhoori Watan Party and Awami Muslim League, and two independent MPs are among the PTI government’s partners.

The Opposition benches are made up of 84 PML-N members, 56 PPP members, 15 MMA members, four BNP (Mengal) members, one ANP member, and two independents.



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