Now you can send your name to the moon

The  United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), has invited the public to send their names to their database that will be leaving for the moon as early as May, NASA announced in their blog post.

Artemis I will be the first-ever, un-crewed space flight test of the Space Launch System and the Orion spacecraft. The mighty rocket is going to have a trip around the moon and may create a path for the first-ever lunar trip with a woman and a person of colour by 2025.

Once you submit your name, NASA will create a virtual boarding pass for you as well. The flash drive of all the names will orbit the moon for more than three weeks.

On March 17, NASA will hold a wet dress rehearsal, rolling out the combination of the spaceship and rocket to the launch pad of NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. The data from the rehearsal will decide the actual date of the launch after judging the equipment and procedures.

“All eyes will be on the historic Launch Complex 39B when Orion and the Space Launch System (SLS) lift off for the first time from NASA’s modernized Kennedy Space Center in Florida,” the space agency said.

NASA has long-term goals where they plan to send Artemis II by 2024 if Artemis I proves to be successful. Artemis II is expected to have a team of astronauts orbit around the moon. Artemis III is planned next to be executed as well at the success of Artemis II.

If all goes well, by 2027, humans might be landing on the surface of the moon for the first time after 1972.

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