JI stages countrywide protest against rising electricity cost, loadshedding and taxes

Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) staged countrywide protest demonstrations against rising electricity costs, loadshedding and taxes in the budget on Sunday.

In Rawalpindi, JI workers staged a protest on Murree road. The protest demonstration was led by Deputy Emir Rawalpindi Jamaat-e-Islami Raza Ahmad Shah. Addressing the protestors, JI leaders claimed that the government was deviating from all its promises and increasing the per unit rates of electricity day by day.  In a country with a population of 25 crores, all kinds of facilities are available to these cruel rulers. Ahmad Shah said today’s protest was against oppressive rulers. He said right now “We are protesting on the streets, if it doesn’t work we will block the city of Rawalpindi”.

Meanwhile, a protest was held by Jamaat-e-Islami in Lahore against high electricity prices, increased bills, and load-shedding. JI workers staged demonstrations at various areas of the city including The Mall, Ferozpur Raod, Defence More, Wahdat Raod and other areas.

Demonstrators carried hand fans in protest and chanted slogans against the government. Jamaat-e-Islami South Lahore deputy chief Ahmad Salman Baloch, addressing the protest, accused the government of adding Rs 2800 billion to electricity bills for unused power and treating Independent Power Producers (IPPs) favourably.

Baloch urged the public not to be swayed by the deceptive promises of the ruling parties, pointing out that the Prime Minister had failed to address load-shedding issues during his tenure as Punjab Chief Minister.

Similarly in Sindh, citizens of Karachi also took to the streets in protest. Karachi faced an intense night not just from the sweltering heat, but also due to a worsening electricity crisis that left most parts of the city in darkness.

In Buffer Zone and New Karachi’s Godhra Chowk, protestors halted traffic to voice their grievances. They staged sit-ins on roads leading to Sohrab Goth, Namak Bank, and Shafiq Mor, condemning authorities and demanding immediate action to restore power and water services.

Similar scenes unfolded near Godhra Chowk, where residents affected by the electricity and water shortages brought traffic to a standstill in protest. Traffic jams ensued, inconveniencing commuters as roads were blocked with tires and garbage set on fire by protestors in Gharibabad and other sectors.

Despite police intervention to calm the situation, the electricity supply remained disrupted throughout the night. The crisis has led to demonstrations across various neighbourhoods including Maripur, Lyari, and Malir, highlighting widespread discontent. Meanwhile, in Peshawar Jamaat-e-Islami also arranged rally against inflation. The rally started from Nishatabad and ended at Hashtangari Bazar in Peshawar. The Peshawar rally was led by the District Amir. The participants of the Peshawar rally shouted slogans against the federal government.

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