Islamabad ready for ‘biggest’ political power show

ISLAMABAD: The federal capital is all set to host a major political power show as the workers of ruling PTI from different parts of the country have started reaching the Parade Ground, where Prime Minister Imran Khan’s PTI will stage the “biggest” rally.

PTI is ready to stage its “Amr-bel-Maroof” public gathering successfully in Islamabad as the political pressure mounts with the Opposition parties also marching towards Islamabad ahead of the vote of no-confidence against PM Imran Khan.

The PTI has called their public gathering “Amr-bel-Maroof” in response to the Opposition’s no-trust motion to show support to the prime minister.

“Today is a battle for Pakistan […] and not for PTI, it’s a battle for the future of our nation,” Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a message issued hours before the gathering.

The premier urged the citizens willing to attend the rally to leave their homes early as there would be rush and blockages on the roads. He said that he fears that the people might not reach the venue on time.

“We are out to make Pakistan’s history today,” PM Imran Khan concluded.

Stage set

As the clock ticks towards PTI’s rally, all the preparations of the event also move towards completion. The stage for the “biggest” rally has been made using 36 containers while a special container has been placed for the senior leadership.

Moreover, a special enclosure has been prepared for women where 800 seats have been arranged. The enclosure has been surrounded by safety sheets and barbed wires for security.

For the male participants of the rally, 6,000 chairs have been placed, while the organisers say that an order for 30,000 seats has been made.

Meanwhile, the workers and leaders of the JUI-F, representing the Opposition parties’ alliance, Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), are already at the venue of their rally to be held tomorrow (Monday) at Srinagar Highway. Whereas, PML-N caravan, “Mehngai Mukao March”, led by Maryam Nawaz and leader of the Opposition in Punjab Assembly Hamza Shehbaz are also on their way to join PDM to “say goodbye to the already ousted prime minister”.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had tasked party leaders to gather one million people for the rally. Addressing a rally in Swat recently, the premier had urged the nation to reach Islamabad on March 27 to tell the world that Pakistanis “stand with the truth and are against corruption”.

‘No one allowed to enter Red Zone’

The interior minister said that everyone is allowed to hold public gatherings in Islamabad; however, according to the directions by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, no one will be allowed to enter the Red Zone.

He warned that nobody will be allowed to take the law into their hands as the apex court has tasked the interior ministry to maintain the law and order situation in the federal capital.

‘Those who stage sit-ins will be arrested’

Responding to the Opposition’s warning to stage a sit-in in Islamabad, the interior minister cautioned them against doing so and said action will be taken according to the directives issued by the court.

He said that the Opposition would have to seek permission again if they wanted to hold a rally today as well since they had been permitted to hold a gathering on Saturday only.

“If they stage a sit-in they will be arrested,” he said, adding that the federal government also has the authority to call army under Article 245 following approvals from the prime minister and the cabinet.


Rasheed told the journalists that the Srinagar Highway has been handed over to Rangers and Frontier Corps (FC) while JUI-F has only been granted permission to hold its public gathering today “if they want to hold their rally tomorrow, they need to submit another request.”

“Mehngai Mukao March”

PML-N’s “Mehngai Mukao March” kick-started on Saturday from Lahore’s Model Town in the leadership of party’s vice president, Maryam’s leadership.

“[Prime Minister] Imran Khan‘s government has gone he is shouting every day. The government has gone we are going to say goodbye to it,” Maryam told Geo News in an interview on her rally’s container.

The PML-N leader said that the “people are echoing” the name of party supremo Nawaz Sharif due to the “incompetent government and inflation”.

“The government has gone a goodbye is left only. He’s (Imran Khan) is pleading but nothing will happen now,” said the PML-N leader. She added that move to oust PM Imran was taken by the government and not the Opposition.

Talking about the government allies who are yet to make a decision, Maryam said that no one will stand with the premier as his own party members were ditching him.

Since then all eyes have been on Islamabad as the Opposition is trying to cajole the PTI allies to leave the government, while PM Imran Khan and his ministers are trying to ensure that the allies do not jump ship.

Apart from the allies, many PTI lawmakers have also come out in the open and started to express their frustrations against PM Imran. However, they are yet to decide whether they would support the motion or go against it.

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