Indian media celebrates PM Imran Khan’s statement on its ‘sovereignty’

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday praised the Indian government for following an “independent” foreign policy, saying that none of the superpowers has the audacity to speak against New Delhi.

The premier highlighted the practices followed in India during his televised address to the nation and mentioned that India attained its independence from Britain at the same time as Pakistan but still, “none of the superpowers has the audacity to speak against India.”

As soon as the PM Imran Khan’s address ended, Indian media and journalists were quick to take notice of the comment and provided wide coverage to the Pakistani premier’s statement.

The Hindustan Times highlighted that the Pakistani premier called India a “‘khuddar qaum“.

India Times ran the story with the headline that “Pakistan should learn self-pride from India, no superpower can dictate terms to Delhi: Imran Khan”.

WIO News noted in its headline that the Pakistani premier had praised Indian foreign policy and commended New Delhi’s independent stand.

Meanwhile, NDTV’s headline read: “No superpower can dictate terms to India: Pak PM Imran Khan”.

Times Now wrote: “No superpower has guts to dictate India’s foreign policy, says Pakistan PM Imran Khan in his address to the nation”.

While Zee News reported that PM Imran Khan got emotional during the address praising Indian foreign policy and saying — “honest country”.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time the premier has praised Indian foreign policy, he has been acknowledging New Delhi’s stance for a while now.

Last time, during his public rally in the Dargai tehsil of the Malakand district PM Imran Khan praised the Indian government for following an “independent” foreign policy, saying that New Delhi’s policy was for the betterment of its people.

The premier had said that India is a member of the quad alliance, with the United States as one of its members, but it still calls itself “neutral”. He had stated that India is still importing oil from Russia, regardless of the sanctions the country is facing due to the Ukrainian war.

“This is because India’s foreign policy is for its people,” he had said.

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