Independents crucial in formation of new govt

ISLAMABAD: The formation of Pakistan’s next government, set to take place in the next few days or weeks, relies on the large number of independent candidates who have clinched victory in the recently held general elections on February 8

According to the election rules, the independents must join a political party of their choice three days after the issuance of the gazette notification by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

The independents, however, play a crucial role, when political parties ahead in the race require a certain number of lawmakers to forge a majority in the lower house, which eventually helps them form a government.

The independent winners can only opt for one without being allotted a share in the reserved seats, set aside for women and religious minorities. Once they formally announce to join political parties, which will be under the law, reserved seats will be allocated to them based on their respective numerical strengths.

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