Defenders turn offenders: Indian Army’s 1,800 corruption scandals

One of the most alarming aspects of this scandal is the special treatment given to officers above the rank of colonel when it comes to free liquor concessions from the Canteen Stores Department (CSD).

While the youth serving in the army were only entitled to four bottles, there was no such restriction imposed on higher-ranking officers. This led to a disturbing trend of officers selling free liquor in the market, profiting from a perk meant for their personal use.

The issue of military officers paying less tax has also raised eyebrows.

Through obscure legislative provisions, some officers have managed to exploit loopholes and evade a fair share of their tax responsibilities.

Another scandal that has shaken the public’s faith in the Indian Army is the revelation of officers grabbing free “ration”. The intended purpose of this food is to provide sustenance to those serving in challenging and often remote areas. However, some officers have been taking advantage of this system for personal gain.

Perhaps one of the most heart-wrenching incidents linked to this corruption web is the embezzlement of funds meant for the purchase of coffins for soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the Kargil War. It has been reported that three officers, including a major general, siphoned off millions of rupees from these funds.

The allegations of officers misappropriating funds for the purchase of a helicopter meant for the Indian Air Force in 2013 is yet another distressing revelation.

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