Deadlier than COVID-19? This virus cannot be killed by hand sanitiser

A highly contagious virus called Norovirus is resurfacing in the UK and experts warn that a hand sanitiser will not be able to stop its spread, The Sun reported.

While the virus usually appears in winter, it was avoided due to COVID restrictions. Germs are now appearing with people free to mingle.

Schools are usually seen as the places most affected by the outbreak. It spreads quite fast within homes and families.

The UK Health Security Agency has warned citizens against the bug.

Lesley Larkin, Surveillance Lead, Gastrointestinal Infections and Food Safety, UK Health Security Agency said, “symptoms include sudden onset of nausea, projectile vomiting, and diarrhoea but can also include a high temperature, abdominal pain, and aching limbs.”

Experts have instructed people to stay home if they experience symptoms and take a lot of water to prevent dehydration.

“Handwashing is key to help stop the spread of this bug, but unlike for Covid-19 alcohol hand sanitisers do not kill off norovirus, so soap and warm water is best,” experts said.

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