COVID-19 outbreak: UK to quarantine travellers from Spain, says report

The UK government’s rules apply to travellers arriving in England. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland set their own quarantine rules. (Courtesy: AP/PTI photo)

Spain was one of the worst hit countries in Europe by the pandemic, with more than 290,000 cases, and more than 28,000 deaths. It imposed very strict lockdown measures to contain the spread, easing them earlier this summer.

Britain’s government is set to announce all travellers from Spain arriving after midnight (2300 GMT) on Saturday will need to spend two weeks in quarantine in case they are infected with coronavirus, the Sunday Times newspaper reported.

If true, the reported announcement would deal a major blow to Spain, which is trying to recoup its tourism season after the sector took a battering from coronavirus lockdown and travel restrictions earlier in the year.

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