Chilo’s Burgers

Our Story

The Chilo’s® story started when a man had a childhood dream to open his own food place with a strong passion for a unique creative menu, impressive surroundings and exceptional service. The lack of quality food encountered during the founder experience around Glasgow encouraged him to continue in making his dream a reality. After having explored the UK food scene for past few years and seeing the growing trend of diners wanting to know where their food comes from, how it is prepared and the story behind it, we settled on the concept of Chilo’s®.
The aim is to serve premium quality food through offering more people the chance to try and eat non-processed and all natural foods at an affordable price. To bring our vision into reality we’ve cooked and eaten a whole lot of burgers and other dishes till we hit the perfect spot. Our research included trying various sauces till we found the perfect flavour that would make us stand out from our competitors. We believe in creating a delicious menu that would keep our customers coming back for more!.

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