Canada’s parliament recognizes Russia’s ‘acts of genocide’ in Ukraine

“Today every MP in the House of Commons supported my motion to recognize that the Russian Federation is committing genocide against the Ukrainian people,” tweeted Heather McPherson of the leftist New Democratic Party, who introduced the motion.

The motion states that the crimes are being committed “by the armed forces of the Russian Federation, directed by President Vladimir Putin and others within the Russian parliament.”

The “mass atrocities” include “systematic instances of willful killing of Ukrainian civilians and the desecration of corpses,” torture, rape, and the “forcible transfer of Ukrainian children to the Russian territory.”

By passing the motion, the House of Commons recognized “that the Russian Federation is committing acts of genocide against the Ukrainian people,” according to the document.

The move comes about 10 days after the Ukrainian parliament passed a similar resolution.

Earlier this month, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used the term “genocide” to describe Russia’s attacks in Ukraine for the first time.

Trudeau echoed US President Joe Biden’s use of the term, which the Kremlin had deemed “unacceptable.”

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