A self-proclaimed ‘time traveller’ has predicted a dead musician will return.

A self-proclaimed “time traveller” has predicted that a dead musician will return in September admitting they faked their death, Lad Bible has reported.

He has made a number of claims regarding the future through his TikTok account @realtiktoktimetraveler.

In a recent video, he says: “some people don’t believe I’m a real time-traveller, so here are some pretty big events that will happen in 2022.”

One of his predictions is that the biggest ocean creature will be discovered in the Pacific Ocean on June 17.

Some people do not believe the “time traveller,” and have claimed that his previous predictions had been proven wrong.

One person wrote: “Last time this happened the date came and they deleted the video.”

Apart from this one, there are other such claimants on TikTok, too. One example is Aery Yormany (@aesthetictimewarper) who predicted the same discovery regarding marine creatures.

The claims do seem false, considering there was one made about March 11, which did not come true. The so-called “time traveller” had said that a human and chimpanzee would have a child on March 11.

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